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Food and Beverage Project Experience

A food packing plant A food production line A food production line A food production line

LeMond Management offers over 35 years of project management in the food and beverage industry.

When we meet with clients we discuss the scope of the project or we develop the scope to meet the goals of the company and product.

Six Sigma is a tool we use to understand every detail of this process, evaluating and optimizing as well as reviewing costs and schedules; from the mixing / blending of ingredients to the processing of the product to the packaging needs of the project. We at LeMond Management use a specialized Six Sigma format we have developed for the food industry to expedite the review of questions and assist the Team for a successful project.

All stages of the project are reviewed & understood. The involvement and training of each department is critical if the prject is to be successful.

We usually develop a small plant team (represented by a member of each department) Production, Safety, Sanitation, etc. and we are involved fully with the detailed scope of work, layouts, costs, equipment selection, to ensure the needed goals of the project and timeline are met.

Our industry resumé and experience extends to the following leading clients from all over the USA:


  • General Mills / Pillsbury, Wellston, OH
    Plan and specify a new lines to flow wrap and carton finished pizza products.
  • Edwards Baking Company, Atlanta, GA
    Project Manager for a full pie baking line.
  • Flowers Baking Company, Thomasville, GA
    Project Engineer for a pie baking line.
  • Harlan's Bakeries, Indianapolis, IN
    Lead Project Engineer for pie process / baking line. Facility improvements.
  • Mondelez (Nabisco) Richmond, VA
    Crackers and cookies
  • Pepperidge Farm, Willard, OH
    Project Engineer for several cookie, cracker, snack and pretzel lines, chocolate tempering and chocolate and flavor enrobing.
  • Rich Products, Murfreesboro, TN
    Project Manager for a automated case packing area. Eight lines feeding into a full robotic case palletizing area.
  • Smuckers, Scottsville, KY
    Project Manager for improvments on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich lines.

Beverage & Juice

  • Pepsi-Cola Company, White Plains, NY
    Consultant to prepare production line equipment standards and documentation, and CMMS.
  • Tropicana, Brandenton, FL
    Lead Engineer to concept, install juice blending operation.
  • Kraft, Garland, TX
    Project Manager, juice filling operation.
  • Hawaiian Coffee
    Roasting/Grinding & Packaging


  • Kraft/Nabisco, Naperville, IL
    Project Manager / Lead Engineer in building addition, as well as two new cereal processing lines.
  • General Mills, Minneapolis, MN
    Lead Engineer for a cereal accumulation area revision, as well as packaging area, and cartoner redesign.

Processed Meats

  • Smithfield Foods (Several Locations) Smithfield, VA
    Lead Process Engineer for pork and turkey processing facilities.

Snacks / Candy

  • Pepperidge Farm, Inc. Norwalk, CT
    Project Manager to study and define two snack and cookie lines for a children’s product. New packaging as well as location.
  • Procter & Gamble (Pringles), Jackson, TN
    Lead Packaging Engineer to define 2 new chips can lines and support equipment using a new sized can as well as plastic container with modified atmosphere at 500cpm.
  • Wrigley, Flowery Branch, GA & Chattanooga, TN
    Lead Project Engineer on multiple chewing gum and candy capital projects.

Miscellaneous Process & Packaging Area Design installation

  • Pepperidge Farm, Inc. Willard, OH
    Project Manager / Project Engineer to design packaging to handle multi sized flat crackers and specify custom high speed equipment.
  • O'Charley's, Nashville, TN
    Consultant, Project Engineer for process and packaging improvements, salad dressing, process and bottling, meat process and warehousing.
  • Taylor Farms, Nashville, TN
    Fresh produce, sanitary design and plant energy saving projects.

Thermal Processing

  • Sara Lee Meats, Martin, TN
    Project Engineer to add smoke house for country ham, as well as optimize the handling of the hams. Reworked the slicing area and packaging machinery for optimal performance.
  • Smithfield Foods, Smithfield, VA
    Ham and turkey processing; high speed packing.

Can Making / End Systems

  • Procter & Gamble, Jackson, TN (multiple projects)
    Lead Packaging Engineer on a new product rollout. Resized package and researched new equipment, as well as custom designed new packaging equipment.


  • Pepperidge Farm, Willard, OH
    Project Manager / Project Engineer to add a 200,000 sq. ft. conditioned ingredient storage warehouse.

Construction (Facility Sanitary Design)

  • Harlan Bakeries, Indianapolis, IN
    Lead Project Engineer for new pie process / baking lines and offer facility sanitary design.
  • Pepperidge Farm, Willard, OH
    Project Manager / Lead Engineer in adding a new 500,000 sq. ft. finished product warehouse and order picking system.
  • Pillsbury / General Mills, Wellston, OH
    Project Manager / Lead Engineer in designing and fabricating a new Clean room facility to handle meat products and area revisions.
  • Rich Products, Mufreesboro, TN
    Project Manager to set up an SAP spare parts system.
  • Rich Products, Mufreesboro, TN
    Project Manager / Lead Engineer in adding a new frozen finished product warehouse and robotic palletizing system.
  • Sara Lee Meats, Newbern, TN
    Project Manager / Project Engineer to add 200,000 sq. ft. of -20 Deg. F Frozen warehouse facility.
  • Smithfield Foods, Kinston, NC
    Lead Process / Project Engineer for new process facility (pork and turkey facility) (RTE / RTC Process Operation), facility sanitary design.